Health initiatives in the workplace are usually addressed via culture change and ongoing cultural development. Psychological hazards, physical and mental wellbeing are an increasing contributor to worker’s compensation claims in Australia.
Have you considered how your business works with staff to manage:

• Work Pressure & Stress related disorders
• Staff absenteeism and well being
• Fatigue management
• Work related harassment and or workplace bullying
• Other harassment
• Exposure to workplace or occupational violence
• Exposure to traumatic events
• Employee Assistance Programs
• Impacts of social media in the workplace
• Communication & Consultation with workers

At Fundamental Safety Consultants we truly believe that a business is only as good as it people. Taking positive steps to promote and provide an inclusive, consultative and supportive environment will directly contribute to the success of your business via increased morale, higher productivity, less absenteeism and a reduction in injuries, incidents and claims.

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