On site drug screening is conducted by trained and NATA qualified testing personnel at your workplace, any sampling requiring additional or confirmative testing will be facilitated by our testers depositing samples with NATA accredited toxicology laboratories.

Testing can be conducted as part of any pre-employment medical process, blanket testing, random testing, employees returning to work after extended absence or retest purposes, direct cause e.g. in the event of an accident or incident, or even reasonable suspicion / probable cause.

Testing will provide an instant indication whether or not an applicant or employee is “Non-Negative” or “Negative” for drugs and or alcohol, NATA accredited toxicology laboratory confirmation is required to confirm a “non-negative” indication is indeed “positive” through CG/MS specific testing.

Drug & Alcohol Management Programs:
Fundamental Safety Consultants are available to assist in the establishment of a Drug and Alcohol Management Program (DAMP), the first step of which is to establish a DAMP policy and framework.
Employers who have successfully established a DAMP generally report decreases in absenteeism, theft and incidents as well as a respective increase in productivity, quality and morale.

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