WHS Consultants

Fundamental Safety Consultants was born from the idea that workplace health and safety could be made easier and business more effective for those wanting to work towards a pro-active safety culture, if only there was one company who could tailor their services and apply the knowledge in a realistic, systematic and practical approach.

Fundamental Safety Consultants is that one dynamic company who can now provide you with the personalised support services you need, this is attributable to the knowledge and experience having managed and worked within the industries we service for a combined 45 plus years.

Fundamental Safety Consultants has the capacity to balance professional services with value for money ensuring cost-effective solutions.  We believe in a comprehensive approach made simple, by streamlining all areas back to a primary source….. your Safety Management System.

Our role is to support organisations in developing, delivering and maintaining a culture of proactive health and safety.

Our belief is that Work Health and Safety is “fundamental”.  It is an essential part of business and with the right tools and support in place you will have a foundation – an underlying fundamental structure to support your Legislative compliance needs.

WHS Safety Systems

What we do


-        Audits & Gap Analysis

-        Risk Management

-        Policies & Procedures

-        Safe Work Method Statements

-        Inspections

-        Incident Investigations

WHS Management Systems

Laying the foundation for your business work health and safety program

-        Development

-        Updates

-        Reviews

Fundamental Health

-        Program development and workshops

-        Workplace Culture

-        Employee Assistance Programs

-        Workplace surveys

Fundamental Partnership

Retained services tailored to your ongoing business support needs.  Packages can be based on a set number of hours per month or scheduled activities per annum.  Fundamental partnership effectively allows you to outsource components of your health and safety management allowing you the time to focus on your core business knowing Fundamental Safety Consultants are supporting your short and long term objectives and delivering outcomes.

Packages may include:

Monthly Inspections

Systematic Audits


Consultation with workers and surveys

Contribution at Safety Meetings – guidance and recommendations

Systematic toolbox meetings

Phone support services – advice and consultation

Incident investigations and review


Drug & Alcohol Testing

Pre employment, Blanket, Random, Probable cause, Suspicion and Post Incident., all to NATA and AS guidelines.

Injury Management Systems

Let us help you manage your Injury Management and Return to Work programs with our online database solutions.  Lose the piles of paper and introduce cloud based, real time and readily accessible information.

Why we do it

All too often people shake their heads and question, "How could someone have made that decision" ?

Is it complacency ? (culture), lack of knowledge ? (induction, training and review), lack of care ? (engagement and ownership) or poor systems and processes ? ( hazard identification, working in haste, fatigue, lack of reporting).  These are but a few examples that are unfortunately not unique, and examples which are all ultimately avoidable.

With the increased requirements on business to work harder, work longer hours and with decreased turnaround times on service delivery, we appreciate that your core focus should be on what you do best – run your business, employee engagement and consultation in risk assessment, process improvement and consultation is time consuming but necessary.

Work health and safety is an area that cannot be compromised, we want to make safety compliance realistic, practical, useable and ultimately accepted.

A business is only as good as it’s people – look after them, empower them, engage them.

Financial benefits WHS consultants

How we do it

Not all businesses are the same.

  1. Meet to discuss your goals, objectives, area’s you feel you may require support.
  2. Site visit, assessments and review of current WHS components
  3. Identification of areas of possible non compliance.
  4. Proposition of services and delivery plan.  (One off services and/or ongoing retained support).
  5. Implementation & roll out.
  6. Follow up review and assessment.

Benefits To You

A more productive and efficient workplace that meets your goals and objectives in line with legislative compliance.

Improved understanding of your business and workers through Consultation, Risk Assessment, Monitoring and Review.

Hazard and risk minimization.

Improved health and safety workplace culture.

Stronger employee engagement.

WHS  pays for itself
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Definition of Fundamental

The Adjectives....
- Serving as, or being an essential part of, a foundation or basis; basic, underlying.

The Nouns....
- A basic principle, rule, law, or the like, that serves as the groundwork of a system, essential part.

The Synonyms....
- Indispensable, primary.