Fundamental Safety Consultants...

Supporting business in developing, delivering and maintaining a culture of proactive safety.

Our belief is that Work Health and Safety is “fundamental”.  It is an essential part of business and with the right tools and support in place you will have a foundation, an underlying fundamental structure to support your business compliance.

We advise and assist you to comply with the applicable Codes of Practice and the Model WHS ACT.

Through engagement of Fundamental Safety Consultants, you will ensure the welfare and wellbeing of your employees is "industry best", not just based upon local knowledge, we can consult on what is proven to work across a much broader range of premises and industries.

Through engagement of Fundamental Safety Consultants you promote and demonstrate your commitment to Workplace Safety so should receive a positive response from your employees resulting in gained efficiencies.

Through engagement of Fundamental Safety Consultants you are ensuring Compliance thus any interaction with regulatory bodies will be addressed with confidence.

Through engagement of Fundamental Safety Consultants you should expect a positive return on investment, reductions on workers compensation should be realised and if self insured, premium reduction schemes should be investigated.